Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Ballots, Ballots, Who's Got the Ballots?

I should be well-pleased with the Election Day results in Minnesota, really. No one could have reasonably hoped for a McCain win in MN (although I was one of the unreasonables for a while there), and the House races went pretty well. And Coleman was expected to have tough competition from Spazoid Franken.

But seriously. 206 votes? That's it? And isn't it strange that with every passing day they "find" more ballots for Franken? Heck, the other day they found 32 of them in someone's car. Coleman said Hey, let's not count those because, you know, it's silly and against all the concepts of ballot security and integrity.

But, oh no, they counted them. And shockingly, most of them were for Dear Mister Franken.

Maybe they'll just pull the obvious like the Dems did in Washington state in 2004 on Rossi and just "find" a box of ballots, after a week or so, in a warehouse, that puts his opponent on top. And then declare the confusion over.

Hell, at least we get a full recount. Maybe someone will keep an eye out for more magic ballots because, seriously.

Al Franken? Like a veteran (i.e. not me) blogger here in MN has written, the only thing Franken ever said that made me laugh was in his1980 SNL "Al Franken Decade" skit. 1980 was a long time ago.

Al Franken?


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