Thursday, July 21, 2011

Yummy Beastie Parts

I have a new love, and it is bottom round sirloin.


All those words are stupid. It should just say "Remove from package, begin ripping chunks off with incisors and eat until sick, glaring paranoiacally over your shoulders for thieves as you chew."

I bought about 8 pounds of this stuff for this last weekend's MST3K and Rifftrax shindig, and only kabobed about 6.5 pounds. A half pound of that went straight in my mouth as I cubed it for the marinade. (For those of you grossed out by eating raw beef, too bad. Better yet, buy some nice fat-trimmed bottom round sirloin steaks, look at them, imagine eating them raw, get grossed out, then put them on ice and mail them to me.)

I'll be trying different grilling methods on these for the rest of the summer, but I can't imagine that it'll need much more than a sprinkle of salt or rub, show it a picture of the hot coals, then toss it on a plate.


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