Thursday, July 21, 2011

Naughty Tea Party - No Zakaria Biscuit for You!

Did Fareed Zakaria just drop a penny into a fountain, screw his eyes shut, and transcribe his wish into a bunch of words?


In the standoff over the debt crisis, it’s easy to point the finger at the Tea Party.

Right, because it's really annoying when a group of citizens starts getting involved in the democratic processes of our republic by pressuring representatives to do what they were actually elected to do.

And the result - a likely acceptance of the Gang of Six vaporlegislation by an isolated set of sackless Republicans - is exactly the kind of outcome the Evil Tea Partiers heaved themselves out of their day jobs to achieve. So they're really ruining things so far, huh?

And it was the Evil Tea Party folks who ran a gangster congress for two years that cut the Republicans out of every major meeting and negotiation, right? And their Evil Tea Party president?

And there's certainly no pandering to or pressure from the Lefty Progressive lobbyists and narrowcasters and activists. Good thing, that.

I wonder - did idiots like Mr. Zakaria turn Newsweek into a brand worth $1.00 or did constant shilling for a tripe-filled buttrag that was only worth $1.00 turn folks like Mr. Zakaria into hollow, unreadable water carriers?


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