Sunday, April 19, 2020

TANSTAAFL. But Sometimes the L Goes on Sale

I told myself for a while that I didn't need, didn't care, wouldn't get.

The Complete Works of RAH: The Virginia Edition

But they're having a sale.  So...

It'll be a while before it they get here (The 'rona + book rate) but when they do, I think it'll actually be hard to move my current RAH collection to the basement.  Even Number of the Beast.  Each of those books - the Ballantine box-set juvies with the Darrel K. Sweet covers, the 1-point font Signets, the ugly-cover Berkeley's, and the big-ass hardcovers, has a big memory (or two) for me.  I grew up with them - they entertained, informed, and instructed me.  (Well, maybe not Number so much.*)

But it's a lot of books.  And if I'm upgrading them...?

Gotta keep 'em though, because as we know, one is none, and two is one.

* I read this recently that claims Number is actually an instruction book for writers. I'd have to re-read it again to see if it holds water.


Mrs. Widget said...

Thank you I had not known of this site. I will look at it, use it and possibly support it.

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