Thursday, March 5, 2015

Nyub nyub - Spooky-ooky!

Sometimes you don't just see a movie.  You experience it.

The Exorcist.  I'm not really much of a horror guy.  I'd read some, watched some, mainly because of my early GF.  I get to the Twin Cities years ago, meet a guy who's a real aficionado - seen 'em all, knows the limited-appeal vs. the mass appeal, etc.

He finds out that I've never seen The Exorcist.

He doesn't spew, doesn't pontificate, doesn't wax horrifical-like.  Simply says I must see it.  He find one or two others in our group who haven't seen it either.

Gathers us, and a bunch of others, at his house.  He & his wife get things set up so we have plenty of comfy chairs.  He explains that he's going to turn all the lights off, and would appreciate it if no one talked or even, if possible, broke for a smoke except when he would pause it, once.

He got us settled in front of his big-screen, then he hit Play.

And that movie proceeded to scare the crap out of me.  It was wonderful.

I've watched a lot of movies.  A lot.  With a lot of different types of people.  And I have to say that my 2 horror movie friends (yes, I've known two, and probably seen movies you haven't, through them and others) have been the best at knowing their movie audience, and best at setting a proper movie mood.


Windy Wilson said...

That's interesting. William Peter Blatty dedicated the book "To the Jesuits, who taught me how to think."

There's something about the supernatural that scares even avowed atheists and (If I can make a new word) "adeists".

The movie I wish I could see each time as if I had never seen it before is "The Sting". That moment at the end, when you go, Awwww, but then -- is priceless.

Atom Smasher said...

I've never actually seen The Sting. :(

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