Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Wave at the Wave

Just finished my 2nd cigar and putting this night to bed.

Planned on drinking lots of bourbon, but actually didn't - just a couple of glasses of the good stuff.  Finished off the last of the current bottle of Buffalo Trace Single Oak.  Maybe if it was a Friday, maybe if I still didn't have to be at work until 3pm like the last few years instead of on a conf call at 8am with my new schedule, maybe if I didn't actually have to spend 3 hours tonight logged in finishing up work I couldn't get to earlier today...
So I'm going to be tired tomorrow, but not hung over.

Oh well.  My intentions were sound. :)
MN looks bad unless we really did take the MN House as it looked like we might a couple of hours ago, and Mills over Nolan (MN) and Brown over Shaheen (non-MN) would've been nice, but... pretty awesome overall.  Truth is most of the key MN Repub candidates just weren't that great.  "I'm not the other guy" just doesn't cut it, most nights, it seems.  Maybe we'll learn.
Ortho followup 11/11, and hopefully I can start using my left arm for real again after that.


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