Friday, October 19, 2012

"Great, Kid! Now Don't Get Cocky!"

Okay. We're what, 3 weeks out? I've been a Romney guy since 2007, and certainly I've been pretty bullish about his chances this cycle. He's got a resume Obama can't compete with, we've all known that, and over the last several months he's shown he's got the abilities Obama can't compete with. He's smart enough, successful beyond most people's dreams, hard-working, good at managing and troubleshooting problems, generous, and willing to talk about the hard choices we're facing as a country. He's not perfect, doesn't pretend to be, enjoys politics and its facets, and doesn't let stumbles turn into pratfalls.

(Now, all that being said, assuming he wins, the next thought me and all the other conservatives will have is "alright, R2-Romney2 - prove to us you're not a run of the mill dipshit.")

I said "assuming he wins". Well, I've been assuming he wins for months now and for good reason, and absolutely nothing that's happened over the last few months has moved me one iota off of that position. In fact, the better Romney looks against the increasingly confused and desperate Obama, the more his chances increase. Do they even MAKE 40 state blowouts anymore? I don't know, but I can say safely as of now that Nov 6th 2012 is the best place to look for one.

Now, are there scenarios where Obama can pull out a win? Sure. But none of them are likely. The American people have taken his measure and found him wanting. Some people are disgusted by him, as I am; others simply have seen enough and will be willing to give the RomneyBot a chance or even stay home. And barring one of those weird edge-case scenarios (war, all the money blowing up, Romney pulling off his mask to reveal himself as a pig-nosed death alien from Aldeberan V) Romney's going to win, and most probably win big.

So for me that's a good bottle of bourbon to put in the cabinet and a really nice cigar or two for the humidor. November 6th will see TVs and radios on up and downstairs - TV's muted, radios loud - a fire in the downstairs fireplace, and the home project (I always try and schedule a home project for election night - keeps me from sitting down at my desk drinking and clicking refresh all night. I've done that before. It hurts the next day) will be putting in a new bookshelf.

In the end, predictions, feelings, and bluster all aside, all I can do is what everyone else who follows this crap does: cast my vote (hardly relevant in the presidential sense here in MN), cross my fingers, and hope.

Oh. And smoke cigars and drink bourbon. So the night can't be a complete loss.


doubletrouble said...

Thanks, kid.

You are one of the few young folks that I read who have made an actual responsible decision- good on ya.

Full disclosure- I wasn't a big Mitt guy before the primaries, but now he's our man, & we have to get behind him.

Many are saying they'll vote for *fill-in* to register their 'feelings', but responsible people know that feelings will not elect the next president of the USA.

Votes will. And MN is not a complete washout; you may be surprised. Don't forget your senate & house votes, either.

AND, I'll be right there witcha smokin' a good Honduran with a little Gentleman Jack to celebrate the victory of thought & reason over emotion & belief.

Best regards.

PS- Han shot first, as well he should have.

Anonymous said...

I'm a little worried.

There are two strikes against Romney.
The media still prefer Obama is one.

The other I'd rather lead to.

The Bull-Moose party the year the dems took the white house from Teddy's successor.
Ross Perot's Reform party when Clinton beat Bush away from a second term.

Granted, I'd MUCH rather a Libertarian in the white house, but I'm rather concerned he might split the ticket and get us another four years of Komrade Obama.

Atom Smasher said...

Johnson? Nahh, not a big enough factor I think.

MeatAxe said...

I don't care. I'm still voting for Johnson. It's a matter of conscience. I gotta vote for the guy I believe will do the best job. My reasons are complicated but have a lot to do with not getting into a shooting war with Iran.

Anonymous said...

I was actually referring to Senator Paul of Texas.

MeatAxe said...

Well you can only pick one. If Johnson wasn't running, I'd vote for Ron Paul.

Atom Smasher said...

I couldn't vote for Ron Paul for president. I don't agree with his version of America.

Anonymous said...

So, what have you learned...

I feel a little bad for you da...I mean Atom Smasher, since you were way off in your predictions, you seem to not really understand politics. Don't worry though, 2016 is an R year I suspect.

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