Thursday, August 30, 2012

In Which I Admit that I Suck As A Blogger

When Atom Smasher and I started this blog, I lived in Connecticut and I had tons of free time at work, and a long work day to fill -- it being the sort of place where you'd had to stay past 6, even if you weren't particularly busy.

These days I live up in New Hampshire, and I have plenty to do at work and the place empties out around 5.

And what with the wife and 2 kids and going to get some exercise every once in a while, time has been short.

So, I have not stopped doing fun gun stuff, but I haven't had as much time or inclination to write about it.

But, I will try to change that.

Here are some things that I will try to cover over the next couple weeks: 

Magpul BUIS,
Vortex Strikefire Red Dot Sight
Burris MTAC 1.5-6x

Smith & Wesson 617
Smith & Wesson MP15-22
Stag Model  3

UTG Vertical Fore-Grip
High Noon Holsters: Tail Gate and Bare Skin

Basic Carbine Class at Weaponcraft in Maine.


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