Tuesday, May 29, 2012

"You Know How I Said I Liked You, Sully?"

I lied.

I dragged my buttocks to the range Sunday after all with my new toy.

That's all at 50ft, the max distance at Bill's (indoor).  Played with the sights a little, got used to the action, etc.  Not good, and a lot of high and to the right (target's sideways), but not terrible for a guy who's not fired anything much but handguns for nigh-on 10 years.

I only have the one mag still so my reloading digits got tired before my shooty desire did, but 250 rounds later I can say I'm definitely hooked.  Next up, I guess, is one o' them fancy red dots and a bunch of spare mags.  And a trip to an outdoor range where I can truly embarrass myself.


Old Windways said...

Once you get out to distance, if your are getting consistent groups, it might be time to shoot one of these.


I just used a pair yesterday to zero the BUIS and the eotech on mine. Once I found the correct front sight adjustment tool (4 prong instead of 5 prong), it was quick, easy, and satisfying.

ZerCool said...

I can't say enough good things about the TruGlo TruBrite Reflex that's on mine. (Range report, porn, etc here: http://zercool.blogspot.com/2012/05/range-report.html) The multiple-reticles is gimmicky; I stick with the 2MOA dot and call it good. The red-or-green illumination is great; green for outdoors and sun, red for indoors or otherwise dim. I can see where the donut-of-doom reticle would be great for a turkey gun, though.

And, like you, I need to order up some more mags. I'm waiting for Obama to pay for them. ;-)

MeatAxe said...

There are a host of red/green dot sights in the sub-150 range that are great. Bushnell, Primary Arms, Vortex.... I dropped 169 on a Vortex Strikefire, and love it, but I bet there are a ton that would work out great.

Marstov said...

You're ignoring a much more important question, which is:

When do I get to shoot it?

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