Thursday, May 24, 2012

"I'd say about twenty guns. Some on the surface, some on the towers."

My blogpartner has convinced me that I am missing out on too much fun by not having an EBR .22LR chucker. I'm all set to go shopping this Saturday for a S&W MP15-22, and I'm online just now checking the two local boomstick emporia to see what they have on hand.

For years I've been pining for a wood-furniture CETME. No logical reason for it, I just like the lines and the look, and I want one. Every time I've been close something has come up - unexpected trip, car repair, something like that. Also, MeatAxe has reminded me of the weight, the expense, and the shoulder wear a good 1970s battle rifle in a Balrog-dropping caliber brings to the party. And I'd thought I was mostly over it. But then perusing the Frontiersman's website, I saw in the used guns sidebar:

"Several Cetme and FN/FAL .308 cal rifles"

The resulting Gmail chat went something like this:

Smasher: "I really still kinda want one."
Axe: "You'll never shoot it, plus it's expensive when you do shoot it."
Smasher: "But it's pretty."
Axe: "Stay on target."
Smasher: "I still kind of want one."
Axe: "Stay on target!"

So I think we're good.  .22LR here I come!


MeatAxe said...

I believe I said "You should get what makes you happy. I don't shoot my Garand all that much, but it makes me happy. But if the goal is to get to the range, then please compare the cost of .308/7.62 NATO with .22lr"

Old Windways said...

He's got a point, I probably go through about as many boxes of centerfire ammunition as I do rimfire in a month, but of course there are 10X as many rounds in a box of rimfire.

That being said, I share your desire for a FAL or G3 style rifle despite the fact that it would not be terribly practical.

ZerCool said...

I am utterly in love with my M&P15-22. I've only put 50 or 60 rounds downrange so far, but it's been exactly what I hoped for: accurate enough for plinking, feels like a (very light) AR, and just a hell of a lot of fun to shoot.

I actually moved my Savage MkII back one row in the safe, as the S&W has become the go-to utility .22.

MeatAxe said...

I love mine too. I sprung for the performance center version which has a nice 2-stage trigger, and some other bits and pieces -- fluted barrel, nice grips.... I put a Vortex Strikefire red dot on it, and its a hell of a lot of fun to shoot. Fast on target.

MeatAxe said...

Now that I have an iDevice, I will post a picture of my MP15-22, for you all to look upon. Soon.

Atom Smasher said...

I'll look good at the range with my Ruger Vaquero and my MP15-22. RoboCowboy. :)

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