Thursday, April 5, 2012

I Know Something They Don't Know

I say the following all the time. This guy says it better though, and with a byline (with an eagle on it and everything):

Kurt Schlichter, H/T Hugh Hewitt:

Ignore conservative ideas at your own peril.

Conservatives often scratch their heads at the image liberals hold of them, as misers and brutes whose ignorance is only matched by their hatred of anyone who is not a WASP male. The Left's contempt similarly encompasses those women, minorities and gays who "betray" their demographics to throw in with the Right.

Back to me now: I've said this over and over to my friends and fellow internet debaters for years - if I know, understand, and accept their motivations for their liberal positions, and they do not know, understand, or accept mine in turn for my conservative positions, then, well, what is there to talk about? I'm just wasting breath until the next time one of us brings it up.

Another facet has always been this (this is mainly an internet phenomenon, but not solely): I believe people when they say they want to "tax the rich" because they believe the rich aren't paying enough already - why won't they believe me when I say I want to lower all taxes in part because I think most people are already paying too much? Why must they translate that to "Smasher wants to help the rich"? Is it because their brains would explode if they tried to fit an idea other than their own inside? Is it because they've never actually put any thought into most of their positions and get defensive about their ignorance when challenged? Or is it because I don't have a byline with an eagle on it?


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