Thursday, February 9, 2012

No Thanks, I'm Not That Hungry

I'm trying out a raw diet again - me and a work buddy declared "Raw February". So for a month, my diet will consist of:

- Raw beef. Sometimes I 5-second-sear the outer edges for variety, but 100% uncooked is yummy too.

- Veggies. Always a problem for me since I literally can't eat things like broccoli, and I really don't like most other vegetables. Carrots, cucumbers, and other weak tea-types are pretty much all I've got.

- Fruit. Love fruit. bring it on.

- Raw nuts, some roasted types.

- Raw cheese.

- Water

The last time I did this I had an easy 1st week and a rough 2nd week. This time the first couple of days were hard - messed-up sleep, not feeling well. 2 weeks was enough last time, but since I know what to expect, I think I can make the whole month this time. Problem is, eating raw is boring - no cooking, no smells, and for me, relatively low variety.

Now, after a couple of days you stop eating to be full and start eating to not be hungry, which is easy to say, but weird to experience; and eventually food just stops being important. Eating is something you do to not feel that hunger pain. You don't even drink a lot of water - you don't need it.

I like food being important, and I love to cook, so I would never want to try this as a permanent thing, but even a few days brings changes that are almost embarrassingly-indicative of how poorly I normally eat: excess weight just drops away (mainly because of no carbs), everything physical improves (hair, skin, breath, "functions"), I wake up in the morning and don't zombie around for a half-hour feeling dead - I am just "awake".

Anyway, this is only Day 4, but still, I just had 3oz of beef and a couple of pieces of cheese and a glass of water, and man, am I not hungry.


TheMinuteman said...

Congratulations. I have selected you for the Liebster blogging award. I have not clue if your readership is below 200. I don't care, you're one of the more obscure blogs I follow so here's the link. Do with it as you please.

Feel free to have fun with it.

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