Monday, June 27, 2011


My partner in bloggy mayhem, MeatAxe, is in town for a few days for secret cabal meetings, and he's crashing here at SmasherTopia. Coincidentally, a nice-sized package of ammo arrived at my door on Friday, so yesterday we packed up some of my boomsticks and headed over to one of the indoor ranges around town.

We shot my

Steyr M9
Taurus PT-145
Ruger Blackhawk .38/.357
Ruger Vaquero .45LC

and discovered or reaffirmed the following things:

1) MeatAxe is a scary-good pistol shot.
2) Except for the SA revolvers, I am a mediocre pistol shot who needs to practice more. I will credit myself with being fairly decent at the casual "point and shoot" cowboy style with my revolvers though.
3) Shooting is fun.
4) Shooting big target zombie clown through the nose-hole is fun.
5) My Taurus ate another 120 rounds or so, the last 20 being 185gr JHPs, with nary a hiccup or cough.
6) I am satisfied with my control of the .45, but am still shooting way too low - being used to the M9's trapezoidal sights makes it harder for me to use the standard post on the Taurus.
7) I didn't bring enough ammo.
8) Sitting outside cleaning guns and smoking cigars while MeatAxe BBQs up a fantastic set of ribs is the Right Thing To Do.
9) Watching the RiffTrax of 300 while eating said ribs and drinking rum and bourbon is also the Right Thing To Do.


Midwest Chick said...

Once I got my Taurus fixed (came out of the factory badly) I have had no other issues with it. Straight-eights take some getting used to though, sight-wise.

And truly, can you ever carry enough ammo...

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