Tuesday, September 21, 2010

New Hampshire Drivers' Favorite Things To Do

In the comments, please order the following items in preference order:



Changing lanes without signalling

Running over skunks

Cutting off Subarus with CT plates.


Toaster 802 said...

This topic sound familiar in the state next door

Vermont Drivers Favorite Things To Do:

Speeding while Tailgating.

Changing lanes or making turns without signaling, or slowing down.

Trying to run over any small mammal or flatlander caught out in the road.

Cutting off Volvo's with NJ plates.

Lissa said...

You forgot "Making fun of Massholes for living in a Volksrepublik."

Mopar said...

I haven't experienced any of those things in al my time in NH. Of course I have a big honkin' truck with a Gadsden flag and a "live free or die" bumper sticker (among others) with CT plates on it, so maybe they give me a by. Since only liberals own subarus, I like cutting them off myself. :P

MeatAxe said...

Hey, my Subaru has an NRA sticker AND a "Save Darfur, Send Rifles" sticker. Its not a lefty car.
: )

Mopar said...

Were you in NH proper, or Massachusetts North? I spend a lot of time up in the Mt Washington Valley, and drivers there are *SO* polite it usually takes me a while to get in NH mode and not drive like an @sshole.

Jay G said...

Those are just the MAholes shopping in NH...

DirtCrashr said...

They wish they all could be California drivers...(as bad as) We have skunks too. :-)

Anonymous said...

I just returned from NH, and as promised I cut off a subaru while there (I think it had MA plates though, not CT)

MeatAxe said...

Wasn't me. I just got my NH plates yesterday and was so happy that I put them on in the dark, outside, in the rain.

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