Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Physical Conservatives

The phone rings in the MeatHouse. Ring ring ring.

The MeatSpouse answers and brings me the handset as I toil mightily over the blazing coals of the Big Green Egg.

Me: Goddammit, I'm busy, who the hell is it?


Me:..sigh...  hell and death..... HELLO?

Guy: Hello, Im calling on behalf of Linda McMahon blah blah blah blah staunch Republican, blah blah blah, striking back against the misinformation that's being spread about her, Linda never supported Obama's bailout, she's a physical conservative...

Me: What?

Guy: (Backing up in his script) Linda is a physical conservative..

Me: You mean fiscal conservative.

Guy: NO, physical.

Me: Really? Physical like things you do with your body or maybe its fiscal like pertaining to finance and government spending?

Guy: Oh. .... hmm... Yeah. Sorry about that. Fiscal. Can Linda count on your vote?

Me: No. Im voting for Peter Schiff.

Guy: Have a nice weekend.


Atom Smasher said...

Hah! Physical conservative. Is there a kettle bell routine for that?

Lissa said...

Hey, she's got a wrestling background, doesn't she? Seems plausible!

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