Saturday, July 24, 2010

I Know (What) You Are But What Am I?

My response to a lefty challenge of my knowledge of non-conservative issues on a public forum I participate in:

I've grown up in a generation saturated by left-wing media and culture. I'm well-versed in all the tropes, memes, paradigms, and cults of the American left. I know all about Mother Gaia, the evils of colonialism, the scourge of racism, and the arrogance of American Imperialism; I'm well aware of the dangers of guns, secondhand smoke, riding bikes without helmets, sugar, salt, and cholesterol; I know all about the evils of Christianity, the stupidity of people of faith, the wonders of the sexual revolution, the need for my 16 year old girlfriend to have access to an abortion, the need for a top-down welfare state, the chuckleheaded ignorance of countryfolk, and the importance of self esteem.

I know about all of these things.

I also listened to NPR for years, have 3 or 4 mugs and or tote bags from donations. I have many left of center friends, and they are NEVER shy about voicing their opinions, even if they are 100% ignorant of the topic involved.

No one can have grown up in the U.S. in the last 50 years and NOT be aware of all this crap. It's in the movies and TV we watch, the music we listen to, the news media that have largely prevailed during that time.

I do occasionally still listen to my local libtalk (ex Air America) station, and sometimes hop to HuffPo or the like. KOS and DU and NYT and the rest of that ilk are just trash in my opinion. And the good conservative sites - HotAir, Breitbart, Townhall, Powerline, etc., all regularly link over to mainstream and lefty stuff in full anyway, so I get a full dose.

So trust me - I know far more about why you think and believe the way you do than you do about why I think and believe the way I do.


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