Sunday, May 9, 2010

Flirtin' With Disaster Every Day

So it's a typical Geeky Saturday Night at my place - a few of us dorky guys clustered around my dining room table playing a boardgame (Descent), drinking rum and beer, slinging dice, and sharing tall tales.

At some point the music I have on gets us in "remember when?" mode and a couple of us relate the various songs upon which we -ahem- first entered the gates of manhood in the company of a lady.

My friend, let's call him "Frank", then states firmly "I lost my virginity to Molly Hatchet!" and the pilings-on rained swiftly down from heaven as the rains onto a parched and unknowing prairie:

"Hard core!"
"Did they send a card?"
"Was it all of 'em at once or did they take turns on you?"
"Was it after a show?"
"Did they write a song about it?"

Bomp-ba-lomp-bomp yeahhhhh!


Ed Rasimus said...

Glad it wasn't Alice Cooper...

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