Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A Bit of a Bleg

So last week I won the Beard Chicken contest at work. For 5 months of facial disfigurement I received a couple hundred - $40 of my stake. I've had the winnings slated for a specific reward for a while now - a new airbrush - and I'm wondering if any of the folks who stop by here have any ideas.

I've used a Paasche double action siphon feed forever. Courtesy of Joe the Cat though, early last year my trusty paint-spitter hit the floor tip-first, and everything important got all crunched. Many tanks, planes, and Y-wings have languished on the bench waiting for paint or primer since then.

Now I'm faced with a choice - do I get another Paasche, for which I already have attachments, hoses, and the like, and use the leftover $$ for more tips and needles? Or do I change over to a more pricey brand because I can, and start over with accessories? I see Iwata is making a splash lately, but they're pricey. Are they any good? Do I have to be better than average to make use of what they bring to the table?

Anyone have an opinion?


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