Monday, February 15, 2010

Thoughtgun Blast, Part the 4th

National Politics:
Now Bayh has seen some writing on some wall. Whether it says "go fishing" or "primary against a stricken Obama" remains to be seen. I wish the Dems a large panoply of choices and many many expensive races to follow during their presidential primary.

Our Dear Leader:
Still disgusts me. What more to say? He lived and campaigned on his contempt for America, love of large and intrusive government, and lack of any experience; now he's living his image to the hilt.

More scandals and lies surface every week. I feel a little like Churchill must've felt when Hitler finally showed his hand to the world. "See? I told you so."

On my short list for consideration this year are:

1) More range time.

2) A wood-furniture CETME.

3) A CMP Garand.

4) More range time.

5) A 1911 clone of some kind.


Windy Wilson said...

How did this work for you? 1 and 4 have been on my list for the last three years, to no avail. #2 would be except my betters in Sacramento believe that I will be possessed by a rifle with a protruding pistol grip and go off and massacre hundreds of innocents.

MeatAxe said...

We're still chewing on it, but it looks like the time is nigh. A Springfield M1A1 has made its way onto the list, as has an old-timey shotgun of some sort with exposed hammers.

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