Monday, October 5, 2009

Weekend Range Report

I loaded up the car this Sunday with my Mosin M44 and the Yugoslav M48 Mauser, and headed to Wooster Mt, only to find it closed to rifle shooters for a trap competition.

I was bummed, a little, but I watched the trap shooters for a while, it looked like a ton of fun and I itched to try it out. A couple guys saw me gazing around hopefully and explained the rules.

This particular club has open practice some days, so if I got my hands on a shotgun, I'd be able to give it a whirl.

The only shotgun I have access to is an elderly single barrel Harrington and Richardson 12-guage, that I last used to shoot skeet when I was 14. It looks nothing like the fancy trap guns some of these guys were using, but they seemed like a friendly bunch. "Run what you brung", plus a positive attitude  goes a long way...

Alas, its stuck at my parents house in Maryland, so I'll have to pick it up when I'm down there on Thanksgiving, and give it a good going over some time this winter.

Since Wooster Mt was closed to thuggish rifle shooters, and the BATFE is doing an inventory of the paperwork at my current range, I drove to Milford for some indoor practice with my Kimber Rimfire and Ruger 10/22. Not as much recoil, but I was able to work on my stance and cheek-weld and so on with the rifle and do some bullesye practice with the pistol. As expected, the newly repaired Kimber functioned flawlessly. If only it had worked this well over the summer, I might have averaged better than a 238 at the Friday Night Bullseye League.

Got home in time to take the wife, kids and dog for a long walk. All in all, a good Sunday.


Anonymous said...

At our small club we trapshooters take kindly to anyone interested in getting involved. we donate the cost of the first round of trap and a box of shells to encourage newcomers.

Point is, if your guys are decent and seem approachable they will often get you out there with one of their own shotguns. Just ask a few questions and show some interest. We kept many shooters involved by rotating our shotguns to new shooters until they could see clear to buy a shotgun.

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