Tuesday, September 1, 2009

New Un-Guns

We're broad-minded here at Men Are Not Potatoes, and not everything we buy is gun-related. Which is another way to say "I fully intended to buy this stuff and some guns this summer, but I bought this stuff first and now my CMP Garand looks strangely like a new water pump for my 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee."

When I first bought my house I got a bunch of art for it because I figured it was time to retire the prints of Sherman tanks to the basement, and things suitable for my college dorm room walls might not exactly say "I'm a grup" on the walls of my first house.


I bought some nice pieces then, and really liked a giant one by Scott Sandell that I put over my couch. Adds a bit of color to the room, and I'm usually pretty drab, so people that know me call it "bold".

I decided this year that I needed something for the bedroom walls, and ended up heading back to the gallery for a couple of smaller pieces by the same guy. So I ended up with these two:


They're little 14"x14" jobbies that pair well together, in my layman's opinion.

While I was there I noticed this giant Sandell on mega-sale

and simply had to have it, even though I only have one wall where it could possibly fit - it's almost 6 feet tall with the matte & framing.
All the running around and framing arrangements (sadly, framing gal is still immune to my charms) took a few months, but last week they came home with me, and this morning the two little ones got hung. El Gigantor, or "Wild Gravity" as it's called, will have to wait for tonight or tomorrow.

So now I actually have four pieces by the same artist in my house. I don't know if that shows I'm limited in taste or just plain creepy, but I like 'em.


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