Thursday, September 10, 2009

Laughing Out and Loud at the Lackness In Knowlege

Much like the sewer system of a large city during the Superbowl halftime show, I'm sure the intertubez will soon be clogged with the storm of outrage over Tom Friedman's latest column.

Among other things, Friedman delivers a long drippy hum-job to the Chinese government, calling them a "reasonably enlightened" group of people. He goes on to praise the emphasis China's centralized, command economy has placed on solar power, electric cars, and mandatory weekly self-criticism sessions for anyone who uses more than his share of the People's Carbon.

Apparently Friedman's criteria for "reasonably enlightened" includes shooting Uighur protestors, jailing people who criticize the construction of schools that fall apart during earthquakes, the massacre at Tiananmen Square, and a host of other barbarisms.

As to this green agenda... this is the same China that builds a coal fired power plant every 10 days, right?

I'm too tired to link to this garbage. If you haven't read it, you can dig it up on the NYT site, or find excerpts from it nearly anywhere.

PS. The title from the post comes from a Chinese commenter on the NYT site, who quotes the line about China's leaders being 'reasonably enlightened' and goes on to say... "When I saw this sentence, I just want to laugh out and loud. And I feel the author's lackness in knowledge of China's governors."

PPS. Read the Lileks quote in the sidebar. He was thinking about dangerous idiocy like this when he wrote that.


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