Sunday, September 6, 2009

Hope and Change and Commies

I can't say it any better than Duane Patterson over at Hugh Hewitt's site.

Van Jones, tell the underside of the bus we all said "hi".

Today I was talking with my mom and I asked her if Carter's years as president were as bad as the last few months. I remember my dad being mad a lot, Akroyd's great Carter impersonations on the original SNL, but that's about it. I was pretty young for political awareness, but I was old enough to know that giving away the Panama Canal was a kick in the nuts for our country and a bad strategic decision. I was what, 11 years old? And I knew more about national security than the president.

Pretty sad.

Anyway, I asked my mom if Carter was as creepy as Obama is, and she answered "No. He was just stupid. This guy is weird."

Is Obama the worst president ever? I'd love to say "yes!" but a friend of mine pointed out Buchanan's allowing the whole country to slide into Civil War, so I have to back off and say he's merely the worst this century.

But he's damned creepy.


Borepatch said...

Your mom is one smart lady.

TOTWTYTR said...

Creepy is a good word for it. I have a good friend who is not a US citizen, but has lived here for all of her adult life. She has always been liberal, thought Bush an idiot, Bill Clinton the best president ever. She was appalled when Obama got the nomination. She says he "frightens" her. Other liberal friends say the same thing.

I must be insensitive to it since I'm reflexively anti Democrat.

Ed Rasimus said...

Putting the blame on Buchanan for the Civil War seems a bit excessive, sort of like blaming George Bush for 9/11 or Herbert Hoover for the Great Depression.

In the case of the Messiah, you've got a conspicuous effort to exacerbate minor isses and social unrest, not from a position of ignorance or even disinterest in the outcome, but from a perspective of planned, dedicated overturn of a free-market society and capitalist economy. You've got a total disregard to consequences as he rams through program after program none of which can begin to address the stated goals and all of which lead to eventual economic, international and societal disruption of America.

You can't be the worst president ever if you are simply a victim of circumstances or a dull tool. You are the hands down winner if you are intentionally malicious in the destruction of America. Obama is head and shoulders above the pack and the race is over. We've got a winner!

Atom Smasher said...

Well, Buchanan's full presidency is known, and it can't be denied that at best, he was completely ineffective in staving off the Cvil War. Stinky's presidency is not even 1/4 done, so while I believe it will go down as one of the worst if not THE worst, I don't know that yet.

Look at it this way: I believe that Obama likes being President more than anything else, even his socialist, America-hating agenda. If I'm right about that, then a serious Democrat thrashing at next year's polls, if it occurs, would necessitate a shift to the center for him, wouldn't it? A la Clinton?

I mean, I can't have it both ways, can I?

Time will tell.

Ed Rasimus said...

Atom Smasher, I've got a much more pessimistic view. Consider the town hall meetings, the tin ear for criticism, the quite visibly anti-American posture, the activist socialism, the radical nature of the "czar" hierarchy, and the arrogance of the media/Congress/left-wing bloggers.

Obama is governing as if he is unconcerned about re-election. That doesn't mean he expects to suffer consequences for his policy. It leads me to a dark conclusion that he doesn't anticipate their being an election to oust him! See Chavez, Kim, Castro, Ahmadinejad, et. al. for "democratically" elected Presidents-for-Life. Don't think it can't happen here.

Atom Smasher said...

Oh, I poo-poohed that idea when my lefty friends said it about Bush and I poo-pooh it now. I don't think Obama is going to do any such thing, I just think he's incredibly arrogant and tone deaf, and quite frankly, childish.

He's a punk, not an incipient tyrant.

Anonymous said...

I agree that he isn't going to be re-elected. It's not his goal.

He's going to push for a big bunch of liberal causes. If it costs him re-election, that's fine. He'll have a nice, long, well funded retirement. Seriously, he's young and fit, not broken down and haggard. He'll make a bunch on book sales and speaking fees. He'll enjoy the good life, while our children and grandchildren are paying for his liberal dream deficits.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I forgot. He'll also go down in history as the most important Black American... ever. He already eclipses MLK Jr. and Malcom X.

This is like a shot of happy juice straight to his ego.

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