Monday, July 13, 2009

Stupid Gun Tricks

I finally got to the range this weekend for the first time in a long time and I performed a Stupid Gun Trick that I will share for proper chastisement and education. I was emptying out the chambers of my Vaquero and as I rotated the cylinder to the last chamber I saw a big fat .45 caliber piece of lead staring at me instead of the empty space I'd lazily expected. Sure, the barrel was pointed up and not at my head and sure, my finger wasn't on the trigger, but I had rather obviously not kept track of shots fired.

The shooting lane is a rather stupid place for me to not realize that four is not equal to five. Lesson learned.

Leaving aside my wandering close to the probability cloud where I could have blown my own face off, my overall report card goes as follows:

Steyr M9: Easy and fun gun to shoot, and I'm pretty okay with my accuracy with it. Definitely my #1 favorite semi auto pistol so far. A-.

Taurus PT 1 45: I like the gun but I'm not at all happy with how I'm shooting it yet. I'm flinching all to hell and putting most everything low and to the right. I think part of the problem is that now that I've gotten used to the triangular sights of the Steyr the normal post sights of the Taurus are throwing me off, but I bet that most of my problem is just The Flinch. C+.

Ruger Vaquero: I can't do true SA draw & shoots at the range, but I start with the gun pointed down, forearm resting on the forward edge of the shooting shelf in front of me. To shoot I bring my arm up fast, finger goes into the trigger guard and somewhere between waist and chest I cock & fire. 3/4 of a box of smokey Ultramax .45LC at a silhouette 21 feet away, 3/4 of a box of solid center mass trunk hits (well, two were shoulder hits). The rest I threw at about 40 feet, got a couple of paper only hits, the rest inside the silhouette.

Ye gods, but I love this gun. And I'm very very very happy with how I shoot it. Definitely the heater I'm bringing to JayG's post-apocalyptic zombie war. A+.

I'll close with two random thoughts for the day:

1) Ammo is frikkin' heavy.

2) Do I feel pretty cool roaring down the road on my bike with a satchel of guns slung over my back? Yeah, I'll cop to that. I feel pretty cool.


Anonymous said...

Dude, I can't get Steyr here in the Demokratik People's Republik of Kalifornia. It's not on the list of "safe" handguns for us peons to buy. But cops can get anything they want. They are obviously a superior breed who can handle dangerous sidearms.

Anyway, I would have loved to have a Steyr M9, especially I saw them on sale last year for $300 from CDNN.

Atom Smasher said...

Shit, $300? I'd probably pick up another one, or maybe their "compact". O for a true compact or a .45 from them.

Wonder why they're not "safe"? The thing has two different safeties!

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