Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Congress to Obama; Drop Dead

Barack Obama would probably be happy to decorate the White House Gates with Nancy Pelosi's head.

Even before Obama was inaugurated, the shrewish Speaker of the House was lecturing him on the rules White House stafffers had to follow if they wanted to talk to House members.

Pelosi, a millionaire Democrat and Founder of the American Red Pioneers -- an offshoot of the American Communist Party-- told anyone who would listen that the Congress is " an independent branch of government."

Annoyed members of the new administration complained that the Speaker asked to be informed whenever the White House contacts a Democratic House member and wanted a summary of the conversation reported to her.

Nearly 8 months later, its pretty clear that things have not improved much between the White House and the Hill.

  • Again and again when discussing his health care proposals, Obama stressed cost control. But you wouldn't know that from reading the House version of the bill.
  • On cap and trade, Obama was against against giving away pollution offsets, partly because he needed the revenue to fund his healthcare proposals, and partly because he hates us and wants to punish us for having pie.
  • Obama swore the highest tax rates would not go above Clinton-era levels, a ceiling which was shattered a while ago, if you can believe the proposals you hear coming from congress now.
No wonder Obama keeps talking about bipartisanship and reaching out to the GOP. He's probably thrilled to have discussions with legislators that don't get reported to Nancy Pelosi.


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