Monday, May 4, 2009

Oh Arlen, What Hath Ye Wrought?

Just as the Democrats are cheering over Arlen Specter's decision to join their party, the Man Himself undertakes to Piss in The Soup. Thus:
Specter heatedly denied a Wall Street Journal report that he had told the White House that he would be “a loyal Democrat.” “I have shown, repeatedly, my independence — willing to cross party lines — when I thought the interests of the American people and Pennsylvania required it,” Specter said. “If I see that there are other issues where I feel as a matter of conscience, I will continue a filibuster against legislation.”
I hadn't been following Specter all that closely, but I think I'm going to pay more attention now. Here's why: since he became a "loyal" Democrat, he's voted against the Democrat budget, turned up his nose at a Democrat sponsored measure to stave off further foreclosures, opposed Dawn Johnsen's nomination to head up the Office of Legal Council, and pissed all over the notion of public insurance as a component of a Democratic health care plan.

Updated to add: its the potential for comedy that makes this so compelling.


Atom Smasher said...

Yeah, like I posted earlier, Specter was a lousy Republican/conservative, and he'll no-doubt be a lousy Democrat/liberal. He *will* continue to be a fine Arlen Specter, for all the good that will do anyone.

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