Friday, April 3, 2009

Dumber Than A Sack of Hammers

If you were running the ACLU and one of your employees changed his name to Adolf Hitler JewHater Goebbels, would that set off any alarm bells?

Well if the ACLU was run like the US Navy, apparently not.

Today we read that Navy Signalman Paul Hall was sentenced to 10 years in jail for passing information about the movements of his ship to an extremist Islamic group. Apparently he was hoping to help them recreate the attack on the USS Cole, as his ship, the USS Benfold moved through the Straits of Hormuz.

Thing is, Hall had changed his name to Hassan Abu-Jihaad which means 'father of Jihaad" in 1995, before enlisting in the navy. If this jackass had been unlucky enough to have been born into the Jihaad family, that would be one thing. But this guy deliberately on purpose changes his name to Hassan Abu-Jihaad and nobody cares when he fills out the recruiting form?

Maybe they felt that investigating a muslim guy who changes his name to Father of Battle was unfairly profiling him.

And they may be right. Still, I suggest that a quick search of the Defense Department records to see if anyone named "jihad" "intifadeh" "holy fire of allah" or "al-aqsa martyr" has been put in charge of the nuclear stockpile or maybe flying Air Force One around.


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