Friday, March 27, 2009

A Straw President Argument?

I admit to being a little flummoxed by the concept that I'm not supposed to wish the current president a huge bucket of horrific failure. I read and hear the outrage from the Left and unsurprisingly it's many of the same people that fervently wished and/or legislated for Bush's "failure" for eight years that now have their "how dare you" hats on. I read and hear the same argument (admittedly with less venom) from the Right and it's one of caution - beware of being mischaracterized.

I call bullshit on both positions. Obama is a pro-state, pro-tax, anti-business, anti-liberty, anti-American socialist who is intent on driving America further towards a European-style state: of course I want him to fail at that. It's a no-brainer.


cnick said...

Yeah, we don't want to be like Sweden, for example, which is refusing to bail out Saab...oh wait.

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