Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Russians Are Coming! The Russians Are Coming!

Speaking of gun safety, I almost titled this post "I Was Cleaningski My Silenced Pistol and It Went Offski..."

Into the heads of two more folks (a journo and lawyer) openly critical of Tsar Putin the Poisoner. Courtesy of the (yuck) Washington Post, we have:

ANOTHER RUSSIAN fighting for human rights and the rule of law has been murdered in Vladimir Putin's Moscow. Stanislav Markelov, a lawyer who defended Chechens brutalized by Russian troops and journalists who wrote about the abuses, was shot in the head yesterday by a masked man carrying a silencer-equipped pistol. An opposition journalist who tried to intervene, Anastasia Baburova, was also fatally shot in the head. This occurred in broad daylight, on a busy street in central Moscow less than half a mile from the Kremlin. It was another demonstration that assassinations are a dominating feature of political life under Mr. Putin's regime.

There are morons screaming for Bush and Cheney's heads because they kept some terrorists up late listening to Brittany Spears music. Where are the marches in the streets protesting Russia's real imperialism and brutality? They invade neighboring countries, they threaten others via resource manipulation, and they routinely murder critics inside and outside of their own borders. I guess not even the Russians care that much.

Years ago I bet my friends that within 5 years of that time the Russians would use a small nuke on the Chechens, assuming they could find a stubborn cave complex redoubt or the like. I see now that I lost that bet not because I gave the Russians too little credit for subtlety, but rather too much. Why bother with something as clean, simple, and quick as a nuke in a cave on your own nation's soil when a bowlful of dioxins, a drop of Polonium 210, a spoonful of mercury, or a couple of vanilla 9mm rounds in broad daylight can do the real important jobs the world over?

The Russians themselves might not care that much but I think the rest of the world would rather that Putin just sit on a log and eat flies.


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