Thursday, November 13, 2008

Windfall Profits Alert!!!!

Oh Noes!111!!!!!!!!!!! The evil capitalist scum at Wal-Mart just announced that their revenues increased in the last quarter by 7.5 percent. Their insidious plan of offering low cost goods to the American public in times of economic hardship seems to be working.

We cannot allow this kind of reckless profiteering to continue.

I call upon the US Government to immediately confiscate a large share of these profits to punish the Bastards from Bentonville for coming up with a business model that serves the needs of our citizens.

We'll use their ill gotten gains to fund solar panels that work at night and granola farms in the Rust Belt.


Anonymous said...

Stop giving them ideas, or making the ideas they already had seem rational. They won't be able to detect the sarcasm!

MeatAxe said...

Ill do the best I can. But sometimes the only response available is to laugh like hell and point out hypocrisy. If the oil company profits are "excess, windfall profits" than surely the profits made by Wal-Mart are the same??

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