Saturday, November 29, 2008


A couple of dozen cave men with AKs and grenades hold a modern city hostage for three days?

Try that in Fargo, ND. Or Minneapolis, MN. Or Miami, FL.

It might work in a place with draconian gun laws, like Chicago or NYC or DC, but even there I don't think the police or military would take three days.

Oh well, what do I know? I'll just go check and make sure my guns that are supposed to be loaded, are. Heck, they're even welcome to try that shit here in my neighborhood.

I hope that any survivors are being interrogated by the Indian equivalent of Detective Sipowicz from the show NYPD Blue. Or that The Shield guy.



MeatAxe said...

Last I hear, it was 10.

10 guys turned the city upside down for what? 62 hours?

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