Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Liberal Whisperer

I'm not giving away any State secrets by bringing up the point that liberal positions are based on feelings and emotion whereas conservative positions are based on fact and principle. A generalization, sure, but a gorram accurate and useful one.

The really frustrating part is, of course, when you're having a discussion or debate, say like as was happening to me the other night (why do liberals always insist on bringing up politics?), and your liberal buddy demonstrates his imperviousness to facts. This is frustrating, but you're used to it, and you know that you're right about your facts and you allow as to how if someone's feeling guides them to a certain conclusion, then that's okay. Let's have another drink. Or another cigar. Or another turn of Shifting Sands (great MultiMan Publishing game of WWII Western Desert).

But for a liberal, that's not the end of it. Because you didn't validate their feeling, you're a bastard. Because you challenged them with facts they couldn't counter, they feel stupid (and liberals worship intellect.) And since you're not really bothered by how they feel, because it's not based on reality, you're now a monster.

And that's just fun.


Porcus Peuro said...

I realize that you're probably writing this blog for your own amusement, but I have to challenge this post a bit.

Where are you facts to substantiate such a broad and even self-admitted generalization.

I can think of a number of policies, generally attributed to the right, that are informed by emotion and are not objective, data driven decisions.

Stem cell research, criminalizing drugs and prostitution, spending time and energy railing against gay marriage, and some more extreme people on the right want to criminalize abortion, not just make it a decision at the state level.

A number of the above policy stances disregard what the data tells us, denies personal accountability and in some cases are driven by religious faith. ANY decision informed by religious faith cannot be accepted by rational people who want to make decisions based on reason and not emotion or fantasy.

As an aside, to generalize that all liberals are like your friend, who, incidentally, sounds like kind of a pussy, is also a fallacy. I am sure your friend is a great guy, I have some pretty pussy friends who are staunch republicans so it isn't unique to political party.

I am not what I'd consider a liberal although I sway pretty left on a number of social issues. So if you decide to reply, don't assume I am some milksop who believes in federal ass-wiping, because I am not.


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