Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Ford Lots Forced to Sell Toyotas Too

Insane, isn't it?

It's also not true, but something just as insane is:

eHarmony Forced to Provide Same-Sex Matches. Courtesy of

Why not just start "gayHarmony"? Why pee in eHarmony's pool party? Would the same judge who made this ruling force rehab facilities to allow drinking on-site?

The lengths to which educated people will go to hurl their own liberties onto the train tracks somehow continue to amaze me. Maybe it's time for me to sue my employer to allow me to come to work dressed in assless chaps and a baby bonnet.

"Come now, Smasher, you're just exaggerating."



MeatAxe said...

Well, there goes your shot at a job in the Obama administration. I hope you're happy...

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