Friday, November 21, 2008

Comics In My Pants

One of the funniest guys I know, Jack Nutting, has been regularly blogging at Comics In My Pants. Comics in my Pants is guaranteed to make you crack up. I read it every day, and so should you. You will like it. Yes. Yes you will.


Jack Nutting said...

Thanks for linking to me, dude. In exchange for this kindness I will do verbal battle with some of the sad, misguided opinions exposed on this blog of yours, and perhaps occasionally throw accolades at the ones that meet with my approval. Thusly do I bring the fight to your doorstep.

MeatAxe said...

Bring it Jack! Seeing as you live in a socialist paradise where your quaint opinions on democracy and capitalism are never contaminated by contact with the facts, I anticipate that you will enter this battle of wits sadly unarmed. However, by repeated drubbings you may yet learn some wisdom. In this way do I predict your inevitable growth and development.

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